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Welcome !

Small Club Accounts is a new simple to use software package for organising the finances of small non profit club. I have been using this software for the past 6 months to organise the accounts for the club I am the treasurer of. I had lots of trouble balancing the books and doing my monthly and yearly reports. It's now a real pleasure to be the treasurer.

For the next 6 to 12 months I am requesting feedback from people interested in using Small Club Accounts. After this time a small fee may be charged for people to buy and use Small Club Accounts. Anyone who helps me fix bugs or gives me good suggestions now will get at least the first version free and depending on your contribution you may get all future versions free of charge.

So check out the features page and screen shots and if you think Small Club Accounts can help you organise the finances of your small non profit club contact me for a pre release version of the software.

Latest news

Feb. 8, 2008:
Wow, no news for a couple of years!

March 9, 2006:
Announcing Small Club Accounts. Website goes live. Stay tunned for a beta release mid 2006.